Finally, an edible that
doesn’t disappoint

Designed for faster onset, it’s like getting
La Chancla to your brain

Don’t be that guy. Bring the good stuff

High potency
You’ve been warned

Bad Hombre Cannabis™ has 100 mg of THC per package, the maximum content allowed in an edible here in CA baby.  

But don’t go by what we say — put this bad guy to the test. 

designed for powerful

Our partner SORSE, helped us bring to market the first cannabis chocolate with their nanoemulsification technology. 

Those THC particles are way small, the only time that this is a good thing.


We started this biz partly as a middle finger (thanks for the idea bigots!). But we can take it further and be a positive voice for others.

We want to help chingones y chingonas that make our communities, and this land, fucking awesome. 

To us, Bad Hombre is not a slur.
It’s badge of honor

It’s being CHINGON…

You see, the best part of this land is that everyone gets a shot at making it. And with hard, honest hustle, we can enjoy a better life for our families. 

We believe that no matter where you come from — or what they call you— if you want it BAD enough, you’re gonna get it. 

It’s the dream, and this is the land. So for us:  Family is #1. Eyes on the prize. Hustle hard, fair, and square. And no BS.

That’s why we celebrate, and why we made this 710 bar.
To call out the Bad Hombre everyone has inside.
No apologies. Get it out.

Bad is the new good

And you can feel good about our chocolate — Because those cacao beans come from small, family farms around the world, helping those local communities prosper. Also, our beans are shade-grown, which preserves the jungle environment around the crop.
Sustainable sourcing or GTFO.

That’s what you’re getting: Honorable farming. Gluten-free. Non-GMO goodness.  

And for the entrepreneurs here, a platform to help them make it.

Los Sabores

Chocolate Obscuro

Lente oscuro y pégale duro.

This vegan chocolate is made with a multi-bean cacao blend with engaging complexity (ámonos pues), giving you layered approach of red fruit nutty notes in an elegant chocolate base.

It’s 61% cacao. Le hace honor al dicho: Once you go Oscuro…

Chocolate de Leche

Acuérdate de abuelita!

Our traditional Milk Chocolate brings back memories of home, and family.

This 38% cacao masterpiece delivers a rich, indulgent exoperience and delivers  lingering fresh dairy notes, with a nutty finish, just like your ex.

Hector S. ~Fresno, CA

Apparel chingon for your
racist brother in law

Siganme los buenos