Entrepreneur Program

The reality is that minorities have gotten screwed disproportionately because of the "war on drugs."

We want to help — no strings attached

Access to entrepreneur resources like training, vendor contacts, business processes, supply chain info, marketing techniques, etc. is harder to come by for minorities.  
While there are great organizations working on this issue (see a couple below), more can be done to really bring to life social equity in cannabis.

We want to throw our hat into the ring, in the best way we can. Sharing what we know about building cannabis businesses:

  • Advice on business plans, pitch decks, sales and marketing
  • Office hours & mentoring
  • Ongoing trainings via Meetup
  • Sharing our network of contacts (attorneys, vendors, CPAs, etc)
  • You tell us — if we can help, we’ll do it

"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community"

Cesar Chavez

Social Equity Organizations* for Black and Brown Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Wanna be listed here and help the comunity?

Weedmaps Social Equity

To help facilitate the entrance and success of licensed Social Equity business owners, we are providing tools designed to support entrepreneurs as they enter the cannabis marketplace.

The Green Believers

The Green Believers Social Equity Incubator is a network featuring local prominent and nationally recognized cannabis leaders, providing social equity candidates experience and tools needed to enable growth and success.

*Bad Hombre Cannabis is not afiliated with these fine organizations.